An eldorado for skiing, cycling, hunting and fishing

Families seeking a relaxing vacation without queues and crowded hiking trails will find Venabygdsfjellet the ideal destination.

Venabygdsfjellet is located between Ringebu town center and Folldal in Østerdalen, approx. 3 hours drive from Oslo.

Track for cycling or hiking

Venabygdsfjellet is a fairly long mountain, but there are also opportunities for steep slopes. Whether you want to walk up to enjoy the view or if you want to take the wheels down. Opportunities for guiding are also available. There are also good opportunities to rent an electric bike.

Ski trails as far as the eye can see

Venabygdsfjellet is a lesser-known cross-country skiing gem with the finest cross-country skiing trails the winter has to offer without queuing. The area is child-friendly with relatively gentle terrain, but you can also find steeper mountains with views.

The mountain offers top-class ski slopes. The cabins are located right next to the ski trail network on Venabygdsfjellet, which extends across the entire mountain. Here you really have ski in/ski out. Venabygdsfjellet has approx. 150 km of groomed cross-country ski trails in both sheltered, sheltered forest trails and trails in the snowy mountains with fantastic views of Rondane.

At lø (search for Venabygdsfjellet) you can keep up to date on when the various trails are prepped. They are prepped many times a week throughout the winter. The mountain is elongated and relatively flat, and for that reason also child-friendly for those who are a little more unsteady on skis.

Hunting and fishing

If you’re interested in hunting, there are plenty of opportunities for this at Venabygdsfjellet. Here you can hunt both small game and wild reindeer.
If you’re interested in fishing, the mountain offers a number of mountain lakes where you can try your luck.


Ringebu city center

Perhaps you want to shop at the local butcher, buy bread at the bakery, or just grab a cup of coffee? In Ringebu you’ll find pleasant pedestrian streets, shops with local food and drink, sports shops and much more.

World famous Kvitfjell

Just on the other side of the valley is Kvitfjell ski resort, approx. 30 minutes away. Here, you can ride everything from family-friendly trails to outdoor trails.

National parks galore


You can enter Rondane from several directions, either on foot directly from Venabygdsfjellet, or from Gudbrandsdalen or the Folldal area. A nice and child-friendly trip is, for example, walking to Bjørhollia (DNT cabin) or cycling to Grimsdalshytta (also DNT cabin). It is also possible to take day trips to the highest peaks (e.g. Storronden, Rondeslottet or Vinjeronden).


If you’re looking for steeper mountains with your hiking gear or climbing shoes, Jotunheimen is a mecca. You can easily do a day trip and get a whole day out among high mountains from the cabin at Venabygdsfjellet.


Dovrefjell is the realm of the mosquito, but also an excellent place for mountain skiing.

Welcome to the mountains!

Family-friendly atmosphere

Genuine mountain hospitality

Mountain activities without the masses