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Rental cabins at the wonderful Venabygdsfjellet
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Welcome to Venabygdsfjellet

If you’re looking for a cabin to rent, we may have the cabin for you!

Our cabins are scattered around Venabygdsfjellet. A number of older fishing lodges are located in the snowy mountains with fishing lakes or hunting grounds right outside the door.

The majority of cabins with a high standard are located at Kjørkjegardsfjellet and Forbundsfjellet (Høgåsen). These have a size of between 80-120.

We preferably rent out on a fixed-term basis, but also have cabins for short-term rental on ‘s website. We currently have several cabins available.


Experience the tranquility of Venabygdsfjellet

Are you dreaming of a mountain vacation without the hectic crowds?
Then Venabygdsfjellet is the perfect place for you. While others seek out the more crowded destinations, Venabygdsfjellet has retained its genuine charm and unique tranquillity.

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We sell dry birch wood in 1000-liter bags delivered to your door. Get in touch to secure firewood for next winter!

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We take care of most things to make it easy for you!

Welcome to the mountains!

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